Cloud Hosted

Fully-Hosted Business Voice Services
w/ 3-Year Agreement
w/ 1-Year Agreement

With our hosted business voice services, you never have to worry about your phone system. Weavox provides security, maintenance, and support from the handsets to the server. Our management portal is easy to use and the best in class.

-Nationwide Calling (Lower 48 States)
-Mobile App
-Hosted Voicemail
-Voicemail to Email
-Failover PSTN Destination
-Online Self-Service Portal

-International Calling
-Call Recording

*Excludes hardware rental or purchase, applicable taxes and fees, and installation charges.

SIP Trunking

For Existing On-Premises Business Voice Systems
$35/Call Path
w/ 3-Year Agreement
$40/Call Path
w/ 1-Year Agreement

If you already have a VOIP phone system installed or prefer to have your server within your control, Weavox offers low-cost, highly available SIP trunking solutions that are designed with scalability in mind.

-Nationwide Calling (Lower 48 States)
-Failover PSTN Destination
-Online Self-Service Portal

-International Calling

*Excludes hardware rental or purchase, applicable taxes and fees, and installation charges.

Phone Options

Mobile App IP Phone
iOS & Android Compatible

Software IP Phone
SUBSCRIBE $8.00/month
Windows & MacOS Compatible

Basic IP Phone
LEASE $4.75/month w/ 3-Year Agreement
BUY $129.99+tax

Standard IP Phone
LEASE $8.75/month w/ 3-Year Agreement
BUY $179.99+tax

Note: Other equipment options are available

Phone Number Options

Monthly Number Hosting Fees

$1.50/Domestic Number + Non-Domestic Per Minute Usage @ Market Rate

$2.00/Toll-Free Number + Per Minute Usage @ Market Rate

One-Time New Number Activation Fees

$1.50 Domestic Number

$2.00 Toll-Free Number

Vanity Numbers: Prices Vary

One-Time Existing Number Porting Fees

$25/Domestic Number

$50/Toll-Free Number

Configuration & Deployment

Managed Implementation

Starting at $299 (One-Time Expense)

A One-Time Setup Fee for our Cloud Hosted Business Voice Services and SIP Trunking Services is assessed to initially configure and secure your voice service implementation. For most of our clients, this is a flat rate, however, for advanced configurations and large deployments, a custom implementation fee will need to be discussed with your sales engineer.

Though some providers offer a complete DIY approach, Weavox offers a unique value proposition as a Managed Voice Provider that fully encompasses all aspects of your business voice system from creation to security, requiring us to take specific measures based on the environment to ensure that the services provided can function as they intend.

This includes checking network configurations and making necessary changes or change requests to ensure that your voice quality and overall customer experience are as intended.

Charges for usage are billed at rates dictated by the carriers. One-time and recurring fees apply for purchasing, porting, and hosting domestic and toll-free phone numbers. Services and equipment sales/leases are only available to customers in select US states.

Included Remote Guided Installation & Training

Our team will prepare your new equipment and procure any licensing required for your endpoints and deploy them where they need to be used. We will configure and ship to anywhere in the continental U.S., then coordinate with your users to assist with remote implementation. With provided documentation and one of our experienced technicians at their side, Weavox can remotely deploy phones to users anywhere they need to work with their hands to get their equipment and software connected.

Our Managed Implementation service includes basic remote Guided Installation & Training. For individual employee training sessions, discuss custom options with your sales engineer. (Shipping charges apply)

On-Site Installation & Training*

Starting at $330 (One-Time Expense)

The total price of on-site installation and training is determined by the number of phones to deploy. For extended on-site coverage regions, travel charges may be assessed additionally.

This includes deploying the phones, testing features, and training your team members on how to use their new phones. Depending on the size of your deployment, this process can take a couple of hours, or, it may take a few days. We structure our on-site deployment fee schedule in a way that is predictable and scalable. For large-scale deployments, a custom solution can be created by your sales engineer and our team.

*Only available in certain states and cities

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